Download a book about Jewish citizens at Fritzlar, a town in Northern Hesse, 1933-1949

ISBN 978-3-8334-7570-2, published in 2008, 199 pages

Paulgerhard Lohmann

The Anti-Semitic NS Racial Mania and the Fritzlar Jews 1933-1949 

This book is the translation of a second revision and supplement of Chapter 13 of the survey indicated below.  It is based on archive studies, conversations with contemporaries, and extensive correspondence.  Important official statements and laws on policies referring to Jews are listed for each year in chronological sequence. A second section then shows the disastrous impacts of these policies on the Jewish inhabitants of the small town of Fritzlar in Northern Hesse.  Biographical outlines of individual destinies emerged in this way in the context of that terrible tragedy.  A vivid admonition.


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ISBN 3-8311-4579-2, published
in 2002, 536 pages, 45.- €

Paulgerhard Lohmann

Hier waren wir zu Hause

This is a book about 900 years of Jewish life in the town of Fritzlar in Northern Hesse. The book is written in German. In 14 chapters it shows the life of the Fritzlar Jewish community on the background of the general history of Jews in Germany. It includes a very long chapter (some 135 pages) about the holocaust and about displaced persons who lived in a camp in Fritzlar after 1945. You might use the book as a reference if you are looking for a person who has, or might have, lived in that place, because the book is the result of many years of research in archives: it gives you all available data about many hundreds of persons.

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